Learning Environments Australasia is a non-for-profit organisaton of over 700 architects, educators, designers and planners from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We enhance the educational experience by innovating and improving the places where people learn.

eXperience Asia is the 17th annual Learning Environments Australasia Conference. As the peak body advocating for quality learning environments, our conference showcases the latest in learning environment innovation.

Our conference takes place in a different city each year and is organised by our members, who are themselves architects, designers, educators and planners. We source thought-leading keynote speakers, hold interactive workshops and conduct site tours to schools, universities, early childhood centres and workplaces that have undergone a transformation of their learning environments.

It's the highlight of the Learning Environments Australia calendar, bringing together hundreds of architects, educators, designers and planners from across the globe.



This page last updated: Wednesday 3 May 2017